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// Assaf Twina //


Producer, Keyboards, Bass, Back vocal 

// Louharya //


A multidisciplinary, Lead singer, Keyboard and Songwriter

// Dar Bechar Sasson //


Songwriter, Lyricist and Guitarist

Hillhar is an electro-pop trio based in Tel Aviv that began operating independently in 2016.

The band formed out of a meeting between Assaf Twina, pianist and international DJ & producer who conquered huge stages around the world and mastered the art of combining electronic music with vast variety of genres, and Louharya, vocalist, lead singer, multidisciplinary artist and the beating heart of the band.


A bit later Dar Bechar joined the band. Dar is a songwriter, lyricist and guitarist with a unique sound.


Along the way, the band gathered a devoted, closely-knit fan base that keeps growing with them. In their shows, the band utilize their strong visuals and often use video art to create the desired atmosphere. The audience usually start the show sitting down, settling into the atmosphere and at the end find themselves standing up and dancing to the beat.


The band released 5 stylish music videos who grossed over half a million views on social media.